Garage/Gas Station Waste

Tabib is a leader in the field of disposing and treating waste from car garages, and handles this task for hundreds of garages throughout the country. This is a particularly important job, as the Ministry of Environmental Protection strictly enforces the law requiring the collection of used oil filters in a professional manner, and their disposal in sites designated to accept them.

Tabib will dispose of used filters and oils, and will advise you on best maintenance practices in order to protect you and the environment in the safest possible way.

Tabib services to garages include:

  • Disposing of oil from oil/fuel separators. The oils are pumped out and transported for treatment to an site authorized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
  • Disposing of used oils. Tabib transfers the oils to authorized sites, where they are recycled.
  • Disposal of batteries and catalytic converters, which are sent to be recycled.
  • Supplying oil/fuel separators to garages and gas stations, which are required by law to install them, so as to prevent these materials from seeping into sewage systems. Tabib has a supply of different types of separators, in different sizes (starting at 600 liters).

You are welcome to contact Tabib at 1-800-671-671 or through our online form, for a professional consultation on how best to dispose of oils and filters from garages. We pledge to serve you honestly and efficiently.
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