Exporting Waste

Tabib holds an exporting license for recycling, treating, and destroying all types of hazardous waste, in accordance with the Basel Convention.


Tabib is authorized by Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection to export toxic waste for treatment abroad. The company represents treatment and destruction facilities outside of Israel that specialize in all types of hazardous waste, within the framework of the Basel Convention (executive approval). This allows Tabib clients to choose from a wide range of treatment and recycling options, at a low cost.


The exporting process is comprehensive, and Tabib deals with all stages efficiently and cost-effectively:

  • Removal of waste
  • Transporting waste to a Tabib site in Israel
  • Repackaging waste and labeling it as hazardous material
  • Packing it in containers
  • Preparing necessary documents
  • Transporting waste to the port
  • Handling international dispatching
  • On-ground delivery to the supplier’s door
  • Reporting and follow- up

You are welcome to contact Tabib at 1-800-671-671 or through our online form for a professional consultation on exporting hazaroud material. We pledge to serve you honestly and efficiently.

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