Oil Filters

Tabib provides environmental services for garages and gas stations. This is in light of the Ministry of Environmental Protection prohibiting the disposal of used oil filters into bins at garages, and requiring appropriate treatment at authorized sites.

Tabib has placed containers for the collection of used oil filters in thousands of garages across the country. Pick-up frequency is dependent on the size of the garage and the quantity of filters. Once collected, they are replaced with empty containers. The garages must get approval for the removal of the filters to authorized sites. At the same time, Tabib sends monthly reports to the Ministry of Environmental Protection detailing which garages have had filters removed.

Tabib transfers the used filters to an authorized site, where they are recycled, thus providing garages and gas stations with a necessary solution to dealing with the filters.

You are welcome to contact Tabib at 1-800-671-671 or through our online form, for a professional consult for how best to remove and treat used oil filters. We pledge to serve you honestly and efficiently.

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