Oils and Fats

Tabib is authorized to collect, receive, and treat used oil from garages and from various industrial sectors. We have designated containers around the country for oil collection, and use oil tankers, boxes, drums, and jerricans for this task.

The types of fats Tabib treats:

  • Vegetable fats: mainly from the food industry, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, etc.
  • Mineral oils: one of the primary and most problematic components in wastewater generated in various industries, including garages and gas stations.
  • Emulsions: Tabib removes different types of emulsions from the metal and machining industries, and other manufacturing sectors.

Tabib has a nationwide collection system for oils and fats, which includes vacuum pumps and pressure pumps of different sizes that meet international standards of different sizes. They are designed for all needs, including:

  • Pumping of organic fats from fat separators
  • Washing sewage pipes to clean blockages
  • Pumping sewage from cesspools and from other sewage storage facilities that are not connected to the sewage system

You are welcome to contact Tabib at 1-800-671-671 or through our online form for a professional consultation regarding removal of oils and fats. We pledge to serve you honestly and efficiently.

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