Medical Waste

Tabib provides a comprehensive professional solution for the disposal, recycling, and destruction of infectious biomedical waste. This includes sharps (needles, syringes, etc.) and “soft” waste, whose treatment is legislated by the Public Health Ordinance (Waste Treatment in Medical Institutions, Regulations, 1997​).

Tabib owns the largest biomedical waste treatment and sterilization facility in Israel, located in Ma’ale Efraim, for handling medical and biological waste. Infectious waste is sterilized per law at this facility.

Tabib has set up a nationwide system for the collection of infectious medical waste and biological waste from medical centers and labs around the country. The waste is collected regularly in vehicles designated for that purpose.

You are welcome to contact Tabib at 1-800-671-671 or through our online form for a professional consult for how best to dispose of and treat medical and biological waste. We pledge to serve you honestly and efficiently.

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