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Reliability and safety above all!


Tabib is dedicated to safety and public health, both integral elements of the company's policies and the nature of its activities - within the company, on the road, and at clients' sites. Our commitment to safety is infused in every member of the Tabib family, from the CEO down to the last employee.


Tabib's safety system includes two safety supervisors, a safety traffic officer, a safety consultant, four safety trustees, and a first aid officer.


Tabib employees have clean public records (criminal, traffic, and other offenses). All workers meet with a safety supervisor and a safety traffic officer, and serve as trainees before beginning their jobs. They must also pass a course authorized by Israel's Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, which certifies them to transport hazardous substances. At Tabib, we take measures to prevent accidents, as prevention is the best method of avoiding injuries or harm.


Tabib conducts self-assessments in different areas of safety. We use the results to continuously improve our performance, by training employees, raising awareness about safety issues, and improving work procedures.


Should work mishaps occur, they are thoroughly examined. Conclusions are then made and recommendations carefully implemented. Company employees and drivers are required to inspect every vehicle or piece of equipment before using it.


Tabib activities are conducted in accordance with  ISO 14001. Standard working procedures are built according to strict criteria and are periodically reviewed by the company's safety staff as well as by auditors from the Standards Institution of Israel.


Emergency equipment is placed in every factory and every company vehicle. In addition, every factory has a warehouse that also serves as an emergency backup for incidents that occur outside the plant.


Tabib provides its employees with all necessary emergency equipment and trains them to use it. Workers also attend lectures to enrich their knowledge in the field of safety, hazardous materials, firefighting, first aid, and safe driving. In addition, drivers are trained in order to ensure they complete all paperwork required by law.

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