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Total Waste Management

Tabib provides comprehensive customer service for the disposal and treatment of all types of waste. Our service includes full backup service in case of a hazardous materials event in your plant, as well as transport services, storage options, repackaging, handling of recycling permits, treatment, landfilling, and incineration or other types of destruction.

Tabib's services include every stage of the waste cycle, from generation to final treatment (recycling, landfilling, incineration, discharge, sterilization, etc.), including obtaining all necessary permits.

Tabib specializes in the disposal of waste, especially toxic and hazardous wastes, oils and fats, oil and fuel separators, and any other waste that requires pretreatment. Customers may choose from a range of available services.

Tabib holds all necessary licenses and permits, which allow the company to operate and to transport, treat, store, and export hazardous waste. Its vehicles and drivers are also certified and licensed as required.

The logistical infrastructure and operation system of the company are managed by an advanced nationwide network, in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. They are implemented by a professional team that uses a unique computerized system developed by Tabib in order to track waste shipments from the moment of removal until they reach their final destination for treatment. All this is done in accordance with the monitoring and reporting requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The company also operates an online GPS system to track all its vehicles’ movements.

Tabib works to streamline its services and to reduce waste treatment costs, by providing advanced solutions for waste treatment. To this end, the company has set up treatment and recycling plants, developed waste recovery processes for reuse in industry, and contracts with recycling and demolition factories abroad.

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