Tabib's Transfer Station

Tabib's hazardous materials transfer station is the largest facility of its kind in Israel, providing a wide range of services and hazardous waste storage. The facility, located in the central city of Petach Tikvah, is authorized to store 1,000 tons of hazardous material.

Waste that arrives at Tabib's transfer station undergoes a rigorous, initial sorting process, conducted by the company's chemists. It is then routed to various final destinations, all of which are approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. These include recycling, treatment, and destruction facilities in Israel and abroad.

Services provided at Tabib's waste transfer station:

  • Storage
  • Sorting and routing of waste
  • Repackaging of waste
  • Recycling of packaging
  • Shredding/grinding
  • Compression
  • Sludge quality certification
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