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Transformer Disposal and Recycling Project

Tabib partnered with an international Swedish company to manage a massive, complicated project that has been the only one of its kind in Israel to date. The companies worked together for a large business with several factories in Israel's southern Negev region, to dispose of 11 different types of transformers. The transformers all contained PCB oil, an extremely hazardous material.

The work, which began in 2011, mainly involved removing the oil from the transformers, washing them, dismantling them, and transferring them to Sweden for treatment. In order to protect the environment, special spill containment pallets were imported, to store the wastewater and prevent it from seeping into the soil. The oil and the transformers were then packaged into six containers, in accordance with strict standards for maritime transportation of hazardous materials. They were exported to Europe to be recycled.

The project's team was comprised of Tabib workers and experts from Sweden. The team used unique safety equipment and various types of special cranes to complete the job. The work took place in an area specially designated for the project and lasted 6 days.

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